My Story

I began my spiritual journey when a friend connected me to the wisdom of Kabbalah, and it wasn’t Madonna – although I hear she is a very devoted student. The word “Kabbalah” in Hebrew translated means “to receive”. It is a spiritual body of wisdom that has been provided for us by the sages that helps us understand how the universe works, and how to apply blessings into our lives. The message of Kabbalah is to see the world as one. In Kabbalah we learn that if you want to receive, then you must give. If you want love, then you must give love. The main message is to love your neighbor as yourself. Sound familiar? It was taught by a well known Kabbalist who walked on water a couple of thousand years ago. If you are open to learning more about it, you can contact me here with the subject line “Kabbalah”. 

As I progressed through my studies I connected with my Reiki Master Teacher whom I have trained with throughout the last several years, all the way up to the Master Level. You can read more about Reiki here. I also studied another healing modality called ThetaHealing, which is a meditative healing technique and spiritual philosophy, not specific to one religion but accepting of them all.